Our Mission

Bridge to Engineering is a program that utilizes service learning by introducing students to the engineering process and develops a product that fosters community involvement.



Changing the Game

Engineering requires unique thinkers. Individuals that look beyond the simple solution and understand the greater impact. As the field and disciplines expand with modern challenges, so does the need for a new type of engineer. Our challenge? Find these students and show them their potential as future engineers and community leaders.



The Engineering Stigma

We can all picture the generic engineer. The math and science enthusiast who loves a challenging word problem. Those engineers still exist, and are still in demand. But what makes a great engineer? Today engineering requires something more. Its a dynamic field with new challenges, resources, and demands. Our experience with service learning projects has shown us an untapped resource of powerful minds. And despite common perception, these aren’t always the students reading text books for fun. We want our students to feel empowered by their own unique skills and find their own potential to make a difference.



Building a Team

When selecting a group of students to participate in our experience, we challenge ourselves to take twenty individuals from varying backgrounds, interests, and experience, and produce an effective team. We search for students who are passionate, and motivated, but don’t necessarily fit the “engineering bill.” We aren’t looking for the early commits to engineering college. We look to take students who have never considered engineering, and reveal their potential to make a difference. Because these students have unique interests and backgrounds, they have unique perspectives and skills. We have found this to be invaluable to creating powerful solutions. Our hope is that we can inspire some of these students to become future engineers and make an impact on their communities.