A Completed System

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Rooftop Gutters First Flush Storage tank Pump Solar Panel Charge Controller Battery Upper storage tank Garden



The Rooftop is the first contact for rainwater. The roof is pitched to catch the maximum amount of rain and send it to the gutters.


The gutters collect the rooftop rainwater and deliver it to the first flush system and then into the water storage tanks.

First Flush

The first flush system is designed to filter debris that may have been sitting on the rooftop. The first flush collects water from the early stages of a rain storm. Once the roof has been saturated, the water will flow past the first flush and into the storage tank.

Storage tank

The storage tank houses rainwater until it is needed for the garden.


The pump serves two purposes. The pump can take water from the lower storage tank and deliver it to the upper storage tank or be used as a high pressure water source directly from the faucet.

Solar Panel

The solar panel gathers sunlight throughout the day and charges the battery that operates the pump.

Charge Controller

The charge controller monitors the electricity generated by the solar panel. It ensures that the battery is charged properly.


The battery is the power source that operates the pump and lighting for inside the container.

Upper storage tank

Once water has been pumped to the upper tank, it can be gravity fed to the faucet. This method allows for water transportation to the garden without having to continue running the pump.


The garden is the recipient of the collected water. When properly cared for, it can produce the desired crops.



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