Dr. Chuang Wang

   Dr. Chuang Wang is the Co-Principal Investigator and the Director of Assessment and Evaluation for this research project. He is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and an assessment expert in the College of Education at UNC Charlotte. He received an MS in applied statistics and a Ph.D. in educational research from The Ohio State University, and joined the faculty at UNC Charlotte shortly thereafter in 2004. As a doctoral student, Dr. Wang held a research associate position at the National Data Evaluation Center of the Reading Recovery Program during his first year and then conducted an educational research project in the area of mathematics during his remaining tenure (funded by the Ohio Board of Regents). Since his appointment in 2004, Dr. Wang has received a faculty research grant that investigates K-5 self-regulated learning behaviors while learning English as a second language, and is also involved (as a Co-PI) in a grant that will improve basic literacy skills and social behavior of urban, at-risk kindergarteners through intensive early reading intervention and parental involvement. Dr. Wang has served as a program evaluator for a grant entitled, “Translating inquiry-based learning into environmental biotechnology courses at four institutions within a university system” (funded by FIPSE), and for a grant funded by the US Department of  Education to develop a reading and behavior intervention center.           Dr.  Wang has published  4  books,  4  book  chapters , and  9   journal articles  and  received  the  2008  Distinguished  Paper Award from the American Educational Research Association.


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