Dr. David Elton

   Dr. David Elton, P.E., F. ASCE, is a Professor of Civil Engineering at Auburn University with significant geotechnical and educational research and evaluation expertise. Dr. Elton has expertise in geotechnical engineering with specific interests in geosynthetics, landfills, erosion control, foundation engineering, pavement evaluation, and education. While Dr. Elton carries many honors, he has recently been named Distinguished Lecturer by the Western Kentucky Geotechnical Society, nominated for the NSF Distinguished Teaching Scholar by the US Universities Council for Geotechnical Education and Research (USUCGER), nominated for the ASCE EXCEED Career Award for Excellence in Teaching, awarded the USUCGER Distinguished Educator Award, has served on the USUCGER Board of Directors, and is the past-President of the North American Geosynthetics Society. He is well known for his popular “Soils Magic” book that provides short laboratory experiments that help students better understand soil mechanics. Dr. Elton is highly regarded for his educational research expertise and often serves as an evaluator of funded educational research projects.


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