Dr. Kimberly Warren

   Dr. Kimberly Warren is the Principal Investigator and course instructor for this research project. She was recently promoted to Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNC Charlotte, specializing in the field of Geotechnical Engineering. She holds her Civil Engineering degrees from Virginia Tech and North Carolina State Universities. Her research focuses on the behaviors of Civil Engineering structures reinforced with geosynthetic materials including roadways and earth retaining structures. Her research involves the instrumentation and monitoring of full-scale geosynthetic-reinforced Civil Engineering structures in the field for the purpose of evaluating material and structural performance to improve design. Due to her strong passion for teaching, Dr. Warren pursued educational research opportunities in recent years and was awarded this NSF TUES grant. At the completion of this project, Dr. Warren has hopes of developing her educational research program at UNC Charlotte. Dr. Warren was awarded a UNC Charlotte College of Engineering teaching award for her dedication to teaching.


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