Qualitative Instruments

 Qualitative data is collected from:


1.   Observation of field notes acquired by the internal evaluation team during select lectures.

2.   Instructor teaching logs that document instructor perceived successes, failures, and challenges.

3.   Participating student interviews conducted by the assessment expert.


   All data was analyzed using constant comparison method from grounded theory where statements were grouped by common themes. The emerging themes were adapted during the data analysis procedures. Regarding the classroom observations, the interrater reliability (i.e., agreement between the two evaluators) was assessed to ensure consistency and un-bias in the ratings. Regarding the student interviews, five participating students were randomly selected at the end of each content module, and their interviews were recorded and transcribed verbatim. Common themes and the frequency of each theme were summarized to provide the student perspectives on how well the curriculum was implemented and how well received the newly developed curriculum was. Suggestions from the students were considered in the refinement of the curriculum.