Student Participants

   UNC Charlotte courses are delivered during a semester schedule. Dr. Warren taught this required Civil Engineering course during four regular semesters as part of this research initiative. While this course is also offered during the summer, it will not be included as part of the student sample because it is taught by a different instructor with different teaching style, and it is taught at an accelerated rate due to the abbreviated time period.  Both of these issues would significantly impact the dynamics of the course and the incorporate inconsistencies in the course that would impact the results of the evaluation.  At the proposal stage, it was predicted that at least 95% of the students enrolled each semester would consent to participating in this study since the majority of the assessment instruments are required activities for the class (i.e., quizzes and tests).  The following table summarizes the statistics (i.e., gender, race, and sample size) of the student population that participated in this study.