The Infrastructure Security and Emergency Responder Research and Training (ISERRT) Facility supports critical infrastructure research where controlled blast, impact, ballistics, and fire tests can be performed on structures and structural components to assess and enhance their performance in addition to supporting the development of new products, design, and construction techniques.

The facility features an open-arena blast test site with a 4.3 m tall by 3.4 m wide, free-standing reaction frame connected to a strong-floor foundation; a geotechnical pit is available for soil-structure interaction problems.



Additionally, the facility facilitates training of emergency responders as well as research and development of technologies pertaining to situational awareness, detection/prevention/mitigation of disasters, search and rescue effectiveness, and enhanced safety of responders.


The ISERRT Facility is a joint venture of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNC Charlotte and the Gastonia Police Department.  The ISERRT Facility is approximately a 30 minute drive from the UNC Charlotte campus.


For inquiries pertaining to research and development, contact Dr. David C. Weggel; for inquiries pertaining to training and response readiness, contact Captain Edward J. Turas.