Electronic Control Devices

Figure 1: Bosch Rexroth Joystick and Foot Pedals

Images retrieved from https://www.boschrexroth.com/en/us/products/product-groups/mobile-hydraulics/human-machine-interface/electronic-control-devices


Introduction to Electronic Control Devices

The term “electronic control device” in the context of the Engineering Toolkit website refers to any device or component that is used to control or interface with another electronic technology. Devices like joysticks, game console controllers, buttons, pedals, etc. that provide analog or digital input from a human into an electronic system are what will be explored in this section. Bosch Rexroth does not provide many options for these kinds of electronics, however they are important to discuss in the context of Senior Design.


Product Theory

Background information and theory about Electronic Control Devices


Product Selection Guide

Information to help you select an electronic control device for your specific need


Purchasing Information

Information about Electronic Control Device offerings from Bosch Rexroth



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