Electronic Control Devices Product Selection Guide

When selecting a product, it is important to consider the following parameters when considering the application it will be used for:



One of the most important requirements for electronic control devices is their compatibility with other devices in the unit. The correct unit must be selected so that it can work cooperatively with whatever device it is needed to control. For example, a joystick that would be needed for operating a linear motion device that has the correct function with its plunger, control grip, and sensors. The joystick would be needed to be able to communicate with the linear motion device to control the XYZ motion with the sensors and plunger, and the correct control grip for motioning the joystick.



Another one of the most important factors in determining the correct electronic control device is functionality. The correct device must be selected to complete a desired function in the manner the user intends. For example, a foot pedal can come in a dual or single option and the desired function will determine which variant is chosen. For multi-purpose applications a dual foot pedal device would be the recommended option, and a single pedal option would be recommended for a single action application.



Factoring in ergonomics for your electronic control device is extremely important. A device that is compatible with your system and accomplishes your desired function, but is not comfortable to use can hinder the users ability and experience with that device. For example, a joystick that is either oversized or undersized can limit its users ability to accomplish their desired task.



Picking a device that is quick and easy to install is very convenient for the builders of that device. When selecting a device it is important to consider how and where that device will be mounted. For example, an oversized or undersized device could make installation difficult as it could not fit in an intended location or the mounting bracket may not line up with pre-drilled holes.