BOSCH_TOOL Physical Model Assembly

“We Move, You Win”

-Bosch Rexroth

Maze Assembly by the Senior Design team BOSCH_TOOL:

The Maze Assembly is a hands-on demonstration model that is sponsored by Bosch Rexroth.

Function and Purpose:

The goal of this model is to provide a visual application of Bosch Rexroth’s products where Senior Design students can physically touch and experience the functionality of each product that is featured. 


The BOSCH_TOOL Senior Design team was to expand the UNC Charlotte Engineering Tool Kit website with a focus on Bosch Rexroth products. One of the final products was to design and build a hands-on model using products from Bosch Rexroth. This model will be placed in the Senior Design labs and serve as a tool for better understanding of the application and functionality of some of Bosch Rexroth’s products.

UNC Charlotte Engineering Tool Kit:

The UNC Charlotte Engineering Tool Kit has been recently updated with new pages that covers product groups from Bosch Rexroth. New sections include: Aluminum Structural Framing, Ball Screw Assembly, Profile Rail System, Bushings and Linear Motion System. The new pages cover the theory of the products and product selection. Each new page will also contain instructional videos to help Senior Design students understand the product group.

Featured Products:

Bosch Rexroth products that were used to build the maze are categorized in the following product groups:

  • Aluminum Structural Framing
  • Ball Screw Assembly
  • Profile Rail System
  • Linear Motion System
  • Linear Bushing

Frame of the Maze:

Products from the Aluminum Structural Framing were used together to build the frame and support of the maze. This includes strut profiles and strut connections and accessories

Linear Navigation of the Maze:

The parts of the maze that helps the mandrel move about the maze features a Ball Screw Assembly, a function module (Linear Motion System), rail and runner block (Profiled Rail System), and a linear bushing.

Where to find the Maze:

The maze can be found in _____ building.

Special thanks to our project sponsor Bosch Rexroth. You can find them at:

14001 S Lakes Dr
Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone: (704) 583-4338