Aluminum Structural Framing Product Selection

1. Identify product purpose– 

    1. What is the product going to be used for? How much load force will be applied and where? Where will other profiles or accessories need to be mounted?

2. Select profile cross-section

    1. Using the information you gathered in step 1, determine which shape and size profile is suitable for your application.
    2. As a general guide for profile selection:
      1. 20 Series: Suitable for light loads or reinforcements.
      2. 30 Series: Suitable for medium loads. Typically the go-to
      3. 40/45/50/60 Series: Suitable for high loads.
    3. Within the size series, find the desired profile shape
      1. These may include square profile with certain slots open or closed, 30,45,or 60 degree angled, radius profiles, or profiles that appear to be multiple stacked together.

3. Specify conditions for custom machining

    1. If your team needs custom machining work but wishes to not risk wasting product, Bosch Rexroth can do it for you. 
    2. Possible operations include: Drilling, boring, threading, miter cutting, or milling.
    3. This link will show you a guide of all possible operations.

4. Select connection elements

    1. Now since you know which profiles you are using, you should consider how they will fit together. Keep in mind the size and number of slots specific to the profile you are using. The 20 series has a 6mm, the 30 has an 8mm, and the larger profiles have a 10mm slot.
    2. Look at our page on connection elements for selection suggestions

Aluminum Structural Framing- Connection Elements

5. Select accessories

    1. There is one last step to completing your framing project. You can select from Bosch Rexroth’s wide range of accessories to give the framing function. It is advantageous to order accessories from Bosch Rexroth instead of getting them elsewhere because these products are made to work with each other. 
    2. A comprehensive list of accessories can be found here:


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