Aluminum Structural Framing Strut Accessories

Bosch Rexroth has a wide variety of accessories made specifically to work with their aluminum framing. Each accessory has variants to fit any of the slot sizes. Listed below are some of the accessories your team is most likely to need.

Feet and Wheels


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  • Leveling feet
  • Steel baseplates
  • Double wheels
  • Rollers
    • Gentle on floor
    • Cleanroom
    • Oil-resistant
    • Solid rubber
  • Wheels
    • Heavy duty
    • Lifting

Doors and Fittings


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  • Hinges
    • Adjustable Hinge
    • Removable Hinge
    • LIFTOFF Hinge
    • Aluminum Hinge
    • Plastic Hinge
  • Door lock
  • Door handle

Mounting of Surface Elements


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  • Mounting rim profile
  • Bracket S
  • Cover strip profile



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