Cam Roller Guides


Bosch Rexroth cam roller guides were developed primarily for handling and automation applications. They differ from typical profiled rail systems because the rolling elements do not circulate between the runner blocks and the guide rails. The main components of cam roller guides are the cam rollers (1), which are mounted on ball bearings. Made from steel, the cam rollers guide the runner blocks along the running tracks (2) in the guide rail (3). Unlike all other profiled rail systems, cam roller guides have no accuracy classes. All sizes have the same accuracy values.


  • High load-bearing capability in all four major planes of load application
  • High moment load capacity about all axes
  • Very high permissible speed
  • Compact dimensions
  • Very low weight
  • Easy mounting
  • Low friction
  • Low-noise operation
  • Complete guide unit
  • Rugged design
  • Interchangeable elements readily available
  • Low demands on accuracy of the adjoining structures

Product Data

Structural Design


Super runner block: The main feature of the super runner block is its ability to compensate for misalignments. Super runner blocks have eccentric cam roller spigots and oil applicator units, just like the standard runner blocks.

Profile runner block: The profile runner block has two T-slots for easy mounting of customer-built attachments using screws and sliding blocks. It is adjusted to zero clearance before shipment. Long maintenance cycles can be achieved with this type of runner block as well, by installing oil applicator/wiper units. 

Single cassette and Double cassette: Both single and double cassettes offer many opportunities for building customized solutions quickly and effectively. A complete guide unit consists of at least two double or four single cassettes. The cassettes have integrated lubrication units, which assure long travel life while providing a wiper function. The preferred lubricant for the cassettes is grease.

U-type runner block: U-type runner blocks run in a U-shaped rail with running tracks on the inside of the ā€œUā€. Thanks to this geometry, the compact U-type runner block is protected by the guide rail. The benefit here is that users may be able to dispense with protective covers, if the application permits this.

Application Areas

Cam roller guides are used in the following industries, mainly in applications with low loads and high speeds. They are often installed in auxiliary equipment serving the main production machines.



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