Servo Motors Purchasing Information

Bosch Rexroth sells a variety of servo motors that can be used for many different applications as discussed previously. Bosch Rexroth’s servo motor catalog can be found at the link here.


Bosch Rexroth offers both synchronous and asynchronous servo motors. Both synchronous and asynchronous servos are considered to be AC servos with feedback control. Discussed below is the difference between each type of servo as well as individual specifications for each servo motor offered by Bosch Rexroth.


Synchronous Servo Motors

Currently, Bosch Rexroth offers five different types of synchronous servo motors. Each series has slightly different capabilities:


The MS2N motor series from Bosch Rexroth features a convenient single cable connection, broad power ranges, highly flexible preset configurations, and advanced encoder technology. Thanks to the capabilities of Bosch Rexroth’s IndraDrive controller offerings, these servo motors are highly intelligent with tight tolerance ranges and increased torque accuracy. The Bosch Rexroth MS2N series of motors can reach up to 360 Nm of torque and 9000rpm with self-cooling, water-cooling, and forced-ventilation options available. 


The MS2E motor series from Bosch Rexroth also features a convenient single cable connection that is suitable for use in ATEX applications with high safety and maximum dynamism. Due to the motors capable self cooling systems this series of motors offers wide torque ranges with a maximum torque of 119 Nm with a max speed of up to 9000 rpm. These motors are highly useful in explosive areas if optioned with the holding brake and feather key.


The MSM motor series from Bosch Rexroth come in 5 different sizes with a continuous power of up to 750 watt. These motors are particularly useful in many different applications due to toe short length and minimum flange dimensions. The MSM motor series comes with an absolute encoder and can be optioned with a holding brake. These motors are optimal for applications with 3 AC 230 V power supplies. The maximum torque range for these motors ranges from 0.95 Nm to 7.1Nm depending on specifications with the maximum speed range of 4500 rpm to 5000 rpm.


The MKE motor series from Bosch Rexroth features a wide range of torques and are designed to be used specifically in plants with air mixtures of flammable gasses susceptible to explosion. Maximum torque ranges of these motors consist of 4 Nm to 187 Nm with max speed ranges of 4500 rpm to 9000 rpm depending on specifications. The MKE motor series can be spec’d with pressure resistant encapsulations and are certified as explosion protected in accordance with ATEX and UL/CSA. Optional extras of the MKE series consists of optional holding brake, keyway, and select encoder systems.


The MSK motor series from Bosch Rexroth features a both a narrow size increment range as well as a broad power range. The compact design of the MSK with the high maximum torques allows for the MSK motor series to have a high torque density relative to other motor types. The maximum torque range of the MSK series motors is from 4 Nm to 631Nm with max speeds from 3200 rpm to 9000rpm.


Asynchronous Servo Motors

Currently, Bosch Rexroth offers two different types of asynchronous servo motors. Both series have slightly different capabilities:


The MAD forced ventilation motor series from Bosch Rexroth features high power density servos making them applicable in applications such as machine tools, printing presses, and metal forming. The forced ventilation motors have a rated power range of 13.1 kW to 93.1kW as well as a max speed of 3750 rpm to 11000 rpm. The forced ventilation motors can also be optioned with high speed bearings to help them work better with an increased radial load as well as optional key and holding brakes. The MAD series motors are considered under IP65 which rates them for harsh industrial applications.


The MAF water cooling motor series from Bosch Rexroth are small packaged servos with high torques commonly used in confined space applications. The MAF series motors feature liquid cooling systems which isolate the motor from the machine allowing high thermal isolation which makes this series of motors highly precise. The MAF series features typical Bosch Rexroth optional extras such as holding brake, encoder system, vibrating severity grades, and various shafts. One key feature of the MAF series motors are the quick couplers which allow for ease of maintenance. Rater power ranges for the MAF series from 19.63 kW to 120.01 kW with a max speed range of 3750 rpm to 11000 rpm.


For ordering products on the Bosch website, it is ideal to first go through the parts catalog and find the desired product you plan to purchase and record the item number. Next students can then use the search tab at the top right of the page to search for the part itself and can then click add to cart and checkout the item. If the item is not able to be ordered online or if it is unclear if the part is ideal for the desired task it may be best to contact a Bosch Rexroth representative to help further assist in placing your order.


If this is a product that can be useful for your Senior Design Project, please contact a Bosch Rexroth representative here for more information. Pricing can be determined on a case-by-case basis.