Ball Screw Assemblies

Introduction to Ball Screw Assemblies

Ball Screw Assemblies are a type of linear motion technology. They are a smooth functioning process, in which rotational movement is translated into linear motion using a ball screw shaft, ball nut and balls.    


Profile Rail Systems, Machine Tooling, Metal Forming, Semi-conductor, Aerospace tooling

Benefits of using Ball Screw Assemblies

  • The principle of internal recirculation creates a smooth rotation
  • The large number of balls recirculating allows for a high load rating
  • Move heavy loads at fast speeds with accuracy


Ball Screw Theory

This section describes the structural design and functionality of a Ball Screw. It also covers any definitions you might need to know.

Ball Screw Definitions

This section gives you the basic definitions of terms you might come across when dealing with Ball Screws. 

Ball Screw Selection Guide

This section uses an example Ball Screw to run through a Selection Guide on how you would choose a Ball Screw product for your needs.


A quick description of any other necessary parts that can be used for a complete Ball Screw Assembly.



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Bosch Rexroth Linear Motion Technology Handbook PDF (Ball Screw Assemblies Section 5)