I/O Purchasing Information

Bosch Rexroth offers four separate series of I/O system devices. Each series of product have similar function, but have varying levels of connectivity and protection:


I/O Systems for Control Cabinets

Bosch Rexroth advertises two series of I/O products for use in a control cabinet: the S20 series and the Inline series. Both boast IP20 rated protection, are compact, modular, and have simple designs. Both are meant to be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail and have modularity between other devices in their series.


S20 I/O System Series

Figure 1: S20 Series I/O Devices

Image retrieved from https://www.boschrexroth.com/en/us/products/product-groups/electric-drives-and-controls/i-o/s20-ip20


The S20 series, originally released in 2014, differentiates itself from the Inline series by offering local Bosch Rexroth XM control technology. The devices themselves also have a different style of housing, with a nameplate to help the installer organize their wiring. There are many types of devices available in the S20 family, such as the following:


  • Fieldbus couplers
  • Analog input and output modules
  • Digital input and output modules
  • Technology modules
  • Temperature modules
  • Boost modules
  • Communication modules
  • Safety modules


Inline I/O System Series

Figure 2: Inline Series I/O Devices

Image retrieved from https://www.boschrexroth.com/en/us/products/product-groups/electric-drives-and-controls/i-o/inline-ip20


Released initially in 2006, the Inline series is different from the S20 series by mounting as the name would suggest — inline with other nearby modules. The modules themselves are skinnier in width and connect flat against each other allowing for more space available in the mounting cabinet. The Inline series also has the option to utilize Bosch Rexroth CML control technology. Similarly to the S20 , the Inline series offers many types of devices:


  • Fieldbus couplers
  • Analog input and output modules
  • Digital input and output modules
  • Supply/section modules
  • Technology modules
  • Temperature modules
  • Communication modules
  • Relay modules
  • Safety modules
  • Block I/O modules


I/O Systems for Field Installation

Bosch Rexroth offers two separate series of I/O devices for direct installation into extreme industrial environments: the S67E and Fieldline series. These I/O systems for field installation are “designed for distributed automation tasks in harsh environments”. Both advertise similar capabilities, with both being capable of IP67 protection and providing direct connection to sensors and actuators. The main difference between the two is that the S67E series is much newer, being released in 2020, whereas the Fieldline series was introduced in 2010.


S67E I/O system for intelligent field installation

Figure 3: S67E Series IO-Master Devices

Image retrieved from https://www.boschrexroth.com/en/us/products/product-groups/electric-drives-and-controls/i-o/s67e-ip65-ip67


The S67E series utilizes the IO-Link system, which is the first globally standardized IO technology to communicate with sensors and actuators. The IO-Link system itself involves the following five components at a minimum:


  1. An IO-Link master device
  2. Standard 3-wire connection cable for sensors or actuators
  3. An IO-Link device, which could be sensors, valves, motors, I/O devices, etc
  4. An IO-Link configuration tool to configure and parameterize the IO-Link
  5. An IO-Link device description file


The S67E IO-Link master device utilizes screwable M12 connectors to allow for easy installation of peripheral devices, and is capable of a max of 8 IO-Link devices. Bosch Rexroth offers two different IO-Link master devices, each operating in a different type of network:


  • IO-Link Master – Sercos
  • IO-Link Master – PROFINET


Fieldline I/O system for field installation

Figure 4: Fieldline Series I/O Devices

Image retrieved from https://www.boschrexroth.com/en/us/products/product-groups/electric-drives-and-controls/i-o/fieldline-ip67


The Fieldline series includes stand-alone and modular product groups. Fieldline Stand-Alone (FLS) devices have the fieldbus connection and I/O level directly integrated into the device. Fieldline Modular (FLM) systems have a bus coupler and are meant for applications with high I/O density. Bosch Rexroth sells a PROFIBUS-capable fieldbus coupler and individual I/O devices:


  • PROFIBUS fieldbus coupler (RF-FLM BK PB M12 DI 8 M12)
  • 8 digital inputs (RF-FLM DI 8 M8)
  • 4 digital inputs, 4 digital inputs/outputs (RF-FLM DIO 8/4 M8)





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